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Adonis Complex

PRE - Blue Raspberry

PRE - Blue Raspberry

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We designed Adonis Complex PRE to be the best performing and best tasting pre-workout on the market. That's why one scoop of our product is bigger than even multiple scoops from the competitors. 

    We stand by our product because ultimately, we were our first customers. If it didn't pass our personal standards, we wouldn't be offering it to you to try. So go ahead, order a bottle today!

    -Micah and Ben, Co-Founders

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      great product

      I have used various pre-workouts for an extended period of time. While I like the "kick" they give me, I don't like to feel itchy. This mix gives me the energy I need without a noticeable uptake then crash. I am also ADHD so focus for me at the gym (especially after work) can be difficult. I felt like this complex not only gave me energy but actually helped me focus on the workout better. Definitely will be repurchasing!

      Tony Ledesma
      Amazing pre-workout!

      Definitely see increase in energy and force output. Highly recommend. Great tasting too!

      Fantastic taste, great HIIT pre workout

      First off gotta say Adonis has a great taste. Tastes like a jolly rancher or a sour patch kid. I’m used to taking c4 and what I like about this is I’m not feeling a “tolerance” or a crash…. I workout at f45 and during the cardio and high intensity classes I notice I’m not crashing or going too hard at the start of the workout to not sustain. Overall Adonis is a quality pre-workout

      Zachary Nieman
      Love this Pre!

      I have been taking pre workout for years and Adonis has the best bang for the buck. Formula is stacked and super clean energy. I ordered the sour skittles and it tastes amazing! Will definitely try the blue raspberry next and look forward to other products they come out with.

      Great pre-workout

      This stuff is excellent. It has the perfect amount of caffeine to give the intensity you need for a workout without leaving you horribly jittery feeling afterwards.