• To make Adonis Complex the most premier sports supplement brand in the world.

  • At Adonis Complex, we want our customers to be not just stronger, but smarter as well. That’s why we use open labels and describe in detail everything we put in our products. We’re upfront and honest with our customers and in turn, our customers reward us with a lifetime of the business.

Meet Founder Micah

Micah had the original idea to start Adonis Complex during his M.B.A program at William and Mary. Deeply unsatisfied with most commercial pre-workout products, Micah started mixing his own from bulk supplements and fruit juice. While no longer the case today, that - I can do it better than the industry - attitude is forcefully apparent today with the unique formulation of PRE.

Meet Co-Founder Ben

Co-founder and supplement guru, Ben is a top fitness trainer and functional fitness expert in Atlanta, GA with a PhD(c) in Health and Human Performance, M.S. in Kinesiology and B.S. in Biology/Nutrition Science. He's a wizard at supplement science and the mastermind behind our supplement labels. You can follow his personal fitness content on Instagram @benlaitheasianguy.

Humble Beginnings

In this picture, Micah stands with the company's first ever delivery of supplements! The company currently operates from two residential areas in Richmond, VA and Atlanta, GA. It takes around one to two business days to get your order packaged and dropped off at a delivery location.

Our First Retail Location!

The folks over at No Limits Nutrition Center in Richmond, VA were cool enough to add us to their line-up. This was our first entry ever into a retail location. Check them out in downtown Richmond not far from the VCU campus.

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Micah and Ben

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