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Adonis Complex

PRE - Fruit Punch

PRE - Fruit Punch

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We designed Adonis Complex PRE to be the best performing and best tasting pre-workout on the market. That's why one scoop of our product is bigger than even multiple scoops from the competitors. 

    We stand by our product because ultimately, we were our first customers. If it didn't pass our personal standards, we wouldn't be offering it to you to try. So go ahead, order a bottle today!

    -Micah and Ben, Co-Founders

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Kyle Krupansky
      Amazing preworkout

      Love everything about Adonis Complex. The ingredients and dosing are perfect for truly increasing your performance. Whether you're doing strength or endurance, it's as good as it gets. Bonus is that it also tastes great

      solid pre workout

      For years Ive been making my own pre-workouts due to too many added chemicals and unnecessary fillers in other brands. A.C. is finally a pre I can stand behind and take with confidence. With this product, I don't get terrible crashes like I would with other brands. Great pumps and last for some of my longer workouts. It also taste great! And best of all, made in America! *5 Stars all the way*

      Fernando Soto
      Finally proper dosing!

      I’m a sucker for Pre Workouts, sadly most companies treated me as such. Until… A.C.’s fruit punch pre workout. This company respects its consumer by delivering properly dosed pre that actually gave me the sustained pump and focus I’ve been searching for. I’m already a repeat customer!

      Great Flavor, Even Better Focus

      The fruit punch Pre is a delicious mix of berries. The aftertaste isn’t bitter like other fruity pre workouts I’ve tried in the past.
      The focus with this pre workout is incredible- so much so that I hadn’t realized how much time had passed the first time I took it. Adonis Complex provides clear focus on the workout, not the typical caffeinated surge and crash. I was honestly impressed with the flavor and the focus for the price. I would highly recommend Adonis Complex PRE to newcomers and regulars at the gym!