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Adonis Complex

PRE - Sour Skittles

PRE - Sour Skittles

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We designed Adonis Complex PRE to be the best performing and best tasting pre-workout on the market. That's why one scoop of our product is bigger than even multiple scoops from the competitors. 

    We stand by our product because ultimately, we were our first customers. If it didn't pass our personal standards, we wouldn't be offering it to you to try. So go ahead, order a bottle today!

    -Micah and Ben, Co-Founders

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 10 reviews
      John Mikan Jr
      Top Rated

      Being a personal trainer and nutritionist, I’ve tried everything out there for preworkouts. Adonis complex pre hits all the marks. Right amount of all ingredients especially the L Citrulline. Also the addition of HMB is a game changer in preworkouts. Also just the right amount of caffeine as to not send you running to the bathroom during a workout. Hitting new PR and building strength well. Stay stocked up on this stuff. Great product all around


      Excellent product!! Works well as a pre workout without the crash most high stim products cause

      Kerry Francis
      Great Product

      I’ve been using this product for a while now and get consistent, focused workouts! My energy levels and capacity remain high while not having the “crash” later in the day.

      Joshua G.
      Great energy throughout

      I usually just drink coffee as a pre-workout, but always have the issue of losing energy 45 minutes in to my workout right after my primary lifts. PRE - Sour Skittles was a significant improvement. I had energy for the whole two hour session, it came in huge during my heavier squat sessions of the week. Flavor is great, no jitters or tingly feelings (which after taking beta-alanine for a year I grew to despise), just pure energy. Great product, the best pre-workout I have taken over plenty of other big name products.


      Let me start off by saying I’ve had many preworkouts in all my years of training and this one is hands down the best one I’ve had. The energy I got from this was LONG lasting! With others preworkouts I’ve had the effect will only last for about 20 minutes, this one had me focused and going my entire workout. It helped me want to go harder or train longer. I also feel very focused during my workouts. I got the Sour Skittles and it taste just like that, great flavor! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!